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TTL and ETTL function in Speedlite 420EX



Hi, I am considering a purchase of Speedlite 420EX for my EOS Elan 7. I am reading a lot of articles on E-TTL functionality of the flash; however, no one goes into detail about what it actually means. Can someone please provide an ex&le or a definition of E-TTL and how it works? Thanks for your help.


Speaking of flashes, does anyone know where to find a free download of the manual for the 430ez.
A brief explanation: When shutter is released flash fires a pre-flash and light is measured, after that mirror flips up, flash fires at calculated power and film is exposed according to a combination of preflash and natural light exposures. There is no need of a sensor inside film box facing the film plane to correct flash power and I guess your camera doesn't have one.