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TVSD Firmware Update


New Member
Any firmware update to improve the saving time of the TVSD?

My current one is CX-Tvs Ver 1.02.

I have been told by a dealer 2 months ago that contax is considering to make one?

Any news heard?


> Frank,

I don't want to disappoint you but with the ways Kyocera does things for Contax you will likely see that in the TVSD II.

And i doubt they will be able to replace the TVSD in less than 2 years.



How do you check the firmware version of the camera?

I recently purchased Contax TVS Digital, but I don't know how to check the firmware version of the camera.



New Member
Hi Frank,

Mine is fresh and has firmware 1.02
I can think of some things that can be changed (lcd screen performance, RAW mode :) )



New Member
Hi friends,

My current firmware is CX-Tvs Ver 1.00.

Is there somewhere who knows where to get the update.

Thanks a lot.


New Member
So, I get the update from !

They send me the update file with email. The current version is now 1.05.1. But they cannot tell me what has changed. So if someone knows I would be interested.

I wonder if anyone who has successfully upgraded the firmware on their TVSD would assist me by answering the following questions:

1)What was the name of the file containing the upgrade?
2)Where was the file placed on the SD card: root or subdirectory?
3)What were the necessary settings on the camera for it to recognise the upgrade file and load it?
4)Where in the camera’s menu system did notification of the upgrade appear?
5)What were the improvements you detected in the camera’s performance?

Many thanks,

I recently posted a series of questions concerning the firmware upgrade of the TVSD. Unfortunately, there were no responses.

With the help of Contax UK I have now answered four of my five questions. I have posted a pdf outlining the upgrade procedure, together with the necessary binary file, at
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. The upgrade is to Version 1.05 of the firmware.



Well-Known Member
Hi Basil,

the link is not working. It would be helpful if you either post it as text here in your thread or upload the pdf file here with a click on "insert image".

But as pure text within a posting it would make more sense and is more comfortable, since others do not have to open a additional program.


Active Member
There are two firmware downloads. They are both the same, except one is for Windows, the other for Mac. They both comprise the 1.0.5 firmware. Advantage seems to be speedier start up and file management times.

Here is the link:
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The download buttoms are at the bottom of the page.

the instructions are in try babelfish to translate.