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Uneven polarisation of sky with Zeiss 18mm ultrawide


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I have just received a 18mm Distagon with 70-86mm adaptor ring. However I am reluclant to invest a big 86mm polariser as it costs around £100 with the Heliopan slim version. I heard that ultra-wide angle lens is prone to problems with the use of polariser. First it must has a very large diameter and be very slim to avoid mechanical vignetting at small apertures. Then the blue sky may not be polarised evenly. Does anyone has experience with the use of 18mm with polariser?


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Hi Singlo
Used to have a polarizer to my 18mm, but due to the unpractical size, and exactly the uneven sky I choose to let it go. I tend to use a greycard metering when shooting slides and it really strengthen the colorrendition.

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The light from different parts of the sky is polarized in different degrees. Wideangle lenses picture such a big part of the sky that it almost for sure would look uneven. However it still may look attractive. BTW, on wideangle shots without polarizer the sky is uneven too.



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Ole and Sergiy,
Thanks for your advice.
Ole, I have been looking at your gallery. I really
like and admire your photos. Owww..those colors and compositions! The coolest thing is that you only use a relatively old, modest 167MT to get those stunning pictures.
For metering, I tend to use the camera spot meter or a handheld 1-degree spotmeter. I probably may do without a polariser.