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Well I took out a new lens that I acquired a 120-300 2.8 Sigma SA mount...shot it today on my SD-14 and forgot the last time I used it I had the ISO at 800...all these shots are daytime at ISO 800...there is a little loss from the translation...and upload but you get the gist of it...I thought all the shots were ruined...but was surprised when I got home and started looking at them...






Now these are not exceptional shots they are just day-to-day fun...I just thought some of you might be interested in looking at what the High ISO produces during the day...before today I never shot daytime over ISO 200...

I guess I have some more playing to do...!!

Thanks for looking...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


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I often forget to check my ISO. I almost wish there were an alarm (like when you leave your keys in the ignition) so I'd remember to check. Like you, I've sometimes been surprised by what survives in high ISO. (It doesn't always work out so well, however.)



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I normally do check it....but I have not used my SD14 SA mount in a while...your right...I've been doing some seems that if you have a lens between f 1.4-3.5 your ISO 800 images seem to come out better once you get over the f 3.5 mark it seems to really deteriorate fast...