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Up-sizing from RAW


New Member
I consider buying an SD14 and convert it to OM mount for all my good, old lenses. I have a question about file size though:

Does the Sigma RAW converter convert directly from RAW to any size, or will it convert only to 2640 x 1760 pixels, making up-sizing in Photoshop necessary afterwords?


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SPP allows saving images to three formats, JPG, 8 Bit/Channel TIFF, and 16 Bit/Channel TIFF at three sizes, Large being 4573 x 3048, Medium being 2640 x 1760, and Small being 1524 x 1016.


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The upsizing algorithm of SPP is NOT considered very good. There are also several other upsizing routines than Photoshops. Sometimes you need to test out different ones to determine which one that deliver best results under certain circumstances.

If you think about getting a SD14, you might find some useful info in my SD14 compendium:
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Also, if you use SPP 3.x, the largest alternative is called "Double", not "Large" (SPP 2.x).
We'll see what it is named in the coming SPP 3.5 version (for DP2 and SD15).