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Upload and View Divx Movies



Yes, is True.

For more informacion, download, and ScreeShots, send mail to

The program transcoding the video files in divx format or other, in the canon powershot format as MVI_1000.AVI and MVI_1000.THM for view in the camera.

You onli need a Program and USB COMPACT FLASH READER.

The program build AUDIO and VIDEO, or VIDEO ONLI, to view 60' in 128 megas. 1 Hour. or More.


The program which does is to pass a video compressed in digital Morgan MJPEG so that camaras of Canon can visualize without giving it the error of unknown format. This is made altering the head simply of each individual file video JPEG. And canviando the head of file AVI. Single you need a reader usb memory card to raise the video, although now I am working in a program to be able to do this by cable USB directly. In frew days, upload demonstrative videos so that they see that this is certain.

Sorry for my english I'm spanish.