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Used Contax T equipment !

Andy C

New Member
Hi there,

I have the following items of used Contax equipment, mostly complete with manuals / warranty cards, Contax-Yashica mount lenses in reasonable condition (slight signs of use) and complete with caps / covers, sold as seen - let me know if you are interested;

CZ Sonnar T f2.8 135mm lens
CZ Plannar T f1.7 50mm lens
CZ Distagon T f2.8 28mm
Contax L300cm cable switch
Tamron 2x tele-converter
Tamron f5.6 350mm tele-marco catadioptic lens (Contax-Yashica adaptor)
Tamron f2.5 90mm tele-macro lens (Contax-Yashica adaptor)

Make me an offer / ask me any questions. Cheers.......