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User comments btil June 2003



Has anyone heard about a new Nikon Digital that would be in the 10 to 12 megapixel range? This would be a true 10 to 12 megapixel sensor.


Nothing but rumors. Since everyone was sure there was going to be a 35mm sized chip released in a new D2 at the Las Vegas show, I don't listen to anybody but Nikon for news of new products.



Don't believe the rumors, Nikon is better than IBM at keeping secrets, and slower than Microsoft at releasing a new product that was anounced. Just wait and listen for Nikon to speak. Only then believe what you hear.
P.S. I use the D1X as a 10 MP camera in RAW mode, and like the chip crop. A lot cheaper than that other 10 MP DSLR.


where is the best place with the best deal to by a nikon thanks.


As always, there are no best dealers for everything. Even not for a specific brand name. Some dealers are good with some lenses and expensive with others. So a general guide "this one is the cheapest" does not apply. The less money you pay, the less service you get. So it is up to you to decide what you want.=20

We would also prefere not to have dealer discussions in depth on this site, since this is often misused by dealers to advertise for free.

The best way is to make a search with google for the stuff you are using or look in magazines for ads and compare or look in our dealer section, which will soon offer also some dealers.



The D1X get the job done for sure.

What I want to know is when the 12-24mm DX lens will be released. I hear it is supposed to be mid-May. Is this true?
It would certainly make my setup complete for the D1X.


Active Member
I also own a D1x and am very pleased with it! I added the D1X when it was first released and have purchased the D100 so I am true blue Nikon for sure when speaking of Digital SLR’s. The D-Body is the absolute toughest I have ever seen – I can abuse the heck out of one shooting the material I shoot – and it has never let me down!
I have placed a deposit for the New D2X and can't wait for the 12+MP and all the improvements I have read on the camera.
The new color correction improvement will be worth the investment I am sure.
I have read the material on the new 12-24mmDX glass as well and I am debating on buying it also!
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