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I have kind of tough time turning my fstop ring on my old 24mm when mounted on my FM. It seems to turn smoothly when mounted on my FM10, and I'm wondering if there's a problem? I still can turn the ring, it just takes a bit more elbow grease- and I kind of feel shaky on forcing things on my camera. The focus is ok, and it seems to take fine enough pictures. Is there a problem?


Also, I got my FM used.

Looking through the viewfinder, things are yellow-tinted. I'm thinking the glass is tainted, probably because it is so old. Is it the viewfinder or the mirror? And is there a way I can get this taken care of?


To Rwan:
If you are using AI lens with the rabbit ears, just look to make sure that the rabbit ears on the lens are not brushing against the viewfinder.
As for the lens...You can check if the coloration is in the lens by removing the lens and looking through the viewfinder. If the viewfinder gives correct colors, then obviously the problem is with the lens.
You could also open the lens wide by depressing the small aperture control lever (I may be wrong but I think only AI lens have that small lever). and looking through the lens.
The yellow coloration that you talk about could be coming from the radioactive minerals (thorium?) used in the lens construction. However there is not need for alarm..the radiation is negligible.
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I'm quite sure the coloration is not my lens. The first time I noticed the yellow was when I first got the FM, about three weeks ago. All my lenses look clear and sharp on my FM10.

As for the scrape, yes it was the AI ears, no it was not rubbing against the prism. Under very, very careful inspection, i noticed a small piece that was barely rubbing against the fstop ring. I lightly dremeled the ring to clear it, and everything seems to work out great now.

Thanks for the info, anyhow. That's very interesting to hear about the radioactive materials used.


(I hope that's the correct wat you wanted to be addressed...I am taking a risk here!)

I know that FM2 and FM3A have removable (interchangeable) focussing screens (through the mirror compartment). Perhaps the FM too has a removable one? In which case you can remove it and inspect it. If that's the colored element you can get a different one.

If that is without any coloration, there are still two things that can be causing the coloration.
1. The glass in the viewfinder and
2. The mirror (as you already mentioned).

Neither of them, AFAIK, are interchangeable in an FM. That would be tough luck.

But nonetheless, I have also read that leaving a colored glass out is cooler sunlight (like by the window inside the house) for a couple of days removes the coloration. Strange! But that's exactly what I read. The sunlight supposedly bleaches the glass.

Anyway...Good Luck!



Best Place To Sell? I have some really great Nikon equipment to sell. Does anyone know the best place to do that where I would get a fair price? I have:
Nikon EL2 (Chrome)
MD for EL2
Nikon FM (Black)
AI 105 (what a great portrait lens)
AI 43-86 Zoom
and various other items. Used but extremely well taken care of; used to be an award winning photographer in my younger days, but just lost interest. So I might as well unload the equipment.
Any advice appreciated.


New Member
You can try selling at

They take used equipment and offer competitive prices. Best of luck.

Also, if you want, email me a full list of what you've got.

I'm specifically looking for a telephoto lens. 135mm, 180mm, 200mm.




please post your questions in only one thread at the same time. Regarding your questions about places to sell your stuff:

There is a second hand section on this site. But in general I think ebay is the most appropriate place to get fair prices. Dealers can not pay as high as private persons, since they have to sell it again for a reasonable price to have a margin on it. So ebay would make more sense.



Hi Nikonians:

What a machine? Having used it for few years still have its good memories. It is also one of the gear which brought the Nikon in the world of Professionals.Very smooth performance, flash speed 1/125 and will not tired on continuos punishment. With MD-11 (old) or MD-12 will become a light-weight tank which continue shelling. During surfing I observed there are still fans around the globe which prefer FM over FM-2 or FM-2N. I had two bodies one was in excellent condition the other was not so good.But with passage of time and eye sight problem switch over to FM-2N.