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User comments btil June 2003



I have both the 80 and the 8008s. I prefer the battery configuration of the 8008s; however, the other does work extremely well. I recharge AA, but the batteries for the 80 cost approximately $10 per pair. Any thoughts? Also, I like the grid available in the 80 but still like to use my manual 50mm 1.4 in the 8008s.


Get the MB16 battery pack for your N80, and you can use AA batteries.


I use an MB16 battery holder with the F80 [holds AA batteries] as I have large hands, and the F80 with the MB16 fits me just fine.

You are also able to buy an E screen for your F801s [Sorry, 8008s] that will give you the grid pattern. I have an E screen in all of my bodies. They are a great help to better photographs !!!


New Member
I have an 80 and an SB-80DX. I have trouble using them together. Have I got this right? When using fill flash, any mode may be used except M and spot metering. To use the SB-80 with an SU-4, however, it must be in manual - no fill flash then?
Further, when the camera is in "P" mode and the flash is in TTL auto mode, the light meter reads no exposure problems, but flip it into "A" and it reads underexposed.
This is annoying.
Any tips?


Active Member
(beergut). Its interesting that you relate that the 80 in the "A" mode reads underexposure. I have the same experience not only with the 80, but with the N90 and my SB28. In other words when I would like to shoot at f8 with flash the metering scale in the viewfinder always shows underexposure. Wonder if any of our members has also noted this. Will this afect the actual picture. I've never tried because it seems everytime it happens Iam taking what I consider an important photo and always go back to and then snap.