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User comments btil June 2003



Are there any recommendations or experiences with different brands of CF cards? I've got a new G2 and like to buy a CF card (256MB). Which one to choose?


I believe Lexar is introducing CF cards with higher-speed on-board processors, which will shorten the time the camera takes to write to the card.


The newer and faster cards are much more expensive and not readily available at this time. I would recommend a 512 Sandisk ultra which can be gotten on Ebay for about $125.00 with shipping. A 256 is not going to go very far at all with a 4 mp camera. At full resolution that's a little bit less that a 36exp. roll of film.


What size are Canon RAW format images typically in the 4MP cameras? (What about the 6.3MP cameras for that matter?)

It's obvious that Canon does some lossless compression of the RAW files, as these are often much smaller (usually less than one third) of the size of the equivalent uncompressed TIFF.

My experience with this so far comes from my G1 (although I have a 10D on order). RAW files are often 2.2-2.5MB and 24bit converted TIFFs (no longer necessary now that I have Camera RAW!) are just over 9MB.

By my math, I'd expect a G2 to produce about 4MB RAW files, meaning an average of 64 would fit on a 256MB card. Not that I recommend 256MB cards, but it's not like they are worthless either, if someone already has them on hand.



the JPEG files my G2 produces are of 1.5 - 2MB each (best quality, max. resolution), so the 32MB CF card shipped with my G2 stores 15 pics. This will lead to app. 120 pictures on a 256MB card - much more than 36 as you wrote. RAW files are not that bigger, I think.
So, a 256 MB CF card offers enough capacity for me, I think.



I would still look at the 'Sandisk Ultra' series compact flash regardless of size. My earlier estimate was mistakenly based on a chart for a 5mp camera in raw format instead of a 4mp. Still, if you plan to use the camera for several days before being able to upload to a computer or other storage device, a 256mb card is going to be consumed faster than you might think.


Has anyone else experienced the small plastic pin that holds the zoom lever spring on the G2 breaking, or am I just unlucky?


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> [So far the only problem I have had with the G2 was that accidently ereased a hole batch of pictures as I shot of the camera while the camera was saving the picture - The prize / performance level on this camera gives it a good position when you dont whant to spend a fortune on high end pro gear. I will treat my zoom lever spring with ekstra care from now on not to join the unlucky! ]


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Check out Rob Galbraith's site for a side-by-side comparison of CF cards:
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It's mainly comparing the cards in different highend SLRs, but you can see trends in the individual cards.