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Using E1 with FL40 instead of FL50


New Member
...hello to all of you, I'm a new member here, just signed up today (June 24) I have a bit of a quandry.
...I have an E-10 that I use an FL40 with, when I bought my E-1 I was informed that the FL40 would be quite compatible with it, that getting an FL50 might not be neccessary. I've read on some other forums that there are actually some glitches that some have experienced using the E-1/FL40 combo. Have any of you used the FL40 with the E-1? I don't do a lot of flash work, and when I do it is only as fill flash to augment a natural look, so if the FL40 can do the job, I can then put what it would cost toward another lens...
...whats your take on this question, any helpful thoughts, observations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Lorne Miller