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Using other lenses for the Contax G system via Contax GA1 adapter



Does anyone have experience using the GA-1 adapter and Contax SLR lenses? Are there any other lenses besides the Contax lenses that can be used? I understand that autofocus won't work using these lenses.


>I used to use the GA-1 on a G1 camera, and it works just fine. Besides for= having no autofocus, you have no coupled focus either, so you have to scal= e focus, i.e. visually judge the distance and focus using the scale on the = SLR lens.=20

For wide angel lenses this is fine because you have great depth of focus. I= have used the G1/GA-1 combination with my distagons 28/2.8 and 18/4. If yo= u set the f-stop on 8 then you have focus from 2 meters to infinity. The GA= -1 also sets the viewfinder in the G1 correctly, but only in the range 28 t= o 85mm, so for the 18 you need a separate viewfinder - I used the one that = comes with the G Biogon 21.

I have also used it with the Zeiss triotar 135/4, which has a M42 mount. Fi= rst I used a M42/YC converter and then the GA-1. This worked fine also. But= scale focusing is difficult with 135mm. But at infinity it is fine.

regards Lars


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When you used your 18mm with the GA-1 did you use the 70-86 hood as well. If so did it interfere in anyway considering it is so wide.