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Using Zeiss Contax 35mm lenses for Digital Photography



I am interested in starting digital photography. I have a large investment over 40 years in Zeiss/Contax 35mm lenses and want to be able to use them. Other major manufacturers have seen to it tyhat their customers have this possibility. I wonder if Contax is planning (now that there are full-frame CCD/CMOS sensors) to produce such a camera, or if there are any adapters to allow these lenses to fit the Nikon lens mount that Kodak and others are using?
My interest is largely landscape photography so I don't need autofocus or even autoexposure capabilities. I hope someone out there can add some information... Thanks Dave



as I stated recently I would embrace a digital (full frame) C/Y-mount body as well, just because the N bodies are so big.

However I am not sure if this would give us the expected results. There must have been a reason for Kyocera to make the new mount so big; by all means when they invented it they had the digital full frame sensor already in mind.
Since competitors are lately coming out with full frame sensor SLR's for their aged mounts, there are reports which indicate low edge performance of these solutions. For sure there was a reason why someone has had the stupid idea of less-than-full-frame sensors; the reason was probably not a perverse desire of miniaturisation which ends in itself.

Please buy the suggested Nikon-adapter and report here ;-)