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Vacuum Insert



I hastily shot a couple of rolls of 220 100f film yesterday with the Contax vacuum insert and the first indications are that it does make all the difference. The images were good with the standard 120 insert but lacked the quality that i had expected from the contax lenses.
I`m quite amazed how much better the vacuum insert is when one considers the maker which brings me to the conclusion that my previous experience with 645 reverse curl backs that I have owned have lacked that final bite for the same reason maybe. I have a high amount of static electricity about me in dry weather and must wonder if in some strange way the centre of the film is attracted away from the pressure plate( silly i suppose) but it makes you wonder.
Now! I can`t wait to use the vacuum back with tripod and mirror up where as before it didn`t seem to make a lot of difference.The difference between images taken with an RF645 and fuji 6x7 rangefinder(which have always been good) vs 645 slr`s and the different film path seems to be answered here.
I started to question my photographic skills of late and referred back to my digital images taken with a Canon D30 and it could make sense now. The digital images(although much lower res)were always sharper across the whole frame and of course the chip is completely flat and not subject to the same stress and strain as film.
BTW at the pro lab where my films were processed today the guy was explaining to me about their use of special vacuum backs that they use in the studio with 10x8 cameras, more so when they shoot downwards and the film is more liable to sag in the middle.

Anyway, I just thought I`d share my findings with the group.

Dave c