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Value of Leica M6 Platinum Brunei


New Member
I am no Leica user nor a photographer. I got this Camera as a gift and was wondering how much is the value of this camera. Im thinking of selling it but dont know its value. Can anyone educate me?


New Member
These are ten-a-penny now Leo, so you should sell it cheap to someone who will actually use it, before the price falls even further ;-)




Well-Known Member
It has the lowest future value rating "1 Star: laughable future appreciation value in my opinion " in the cameraQuest site. Whatever it means. But if you or someone can use it, it is invaluable.

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Well-Known Member
Looks like a two star on the cameraquest site, actually, unless I'm looking at the wrong model...

But yeah, since its not going to be worth much as a 'collector's camera' either use it if you're into photography, or get into photography, if you have any inclination that way, as you've just been given a wonderful bit of kit.

If not, I guess trade it in at somewhere like Ffordes, or such like and tha t way you get some cash and either a collector or user can get something they want.

Geez, what are these collector's camera's about anyway? I think its almost criminal to have a camera the quality of a Leica sitting around in a glass-case doing nothing - that thing was built to take beautiful photos...


Well-Known Member
Guess I have "beginner's luck". My first and only Leica is an M6 TTL LHSA .85. Did I see 4 stars correctly? Doesn't's not for sale.