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Velbon Tripods


Active Member
Does anyone know where one can find a Velbon 530 or 630 tripod? I have checked every store and online site but cannot find one for sale.

Any help will be most appreciated. By the way wonderful site full of knowlegeable and helpful people. I have learned a a great deal in a very short time. Its been a real pleasure so far.



Well-Known Member
Hi G

You are right..... the web shows almost nothing and Ebay is right behind it!!

Are your needs so specific that other alternatives might not be considered?

Cheers, Kyocera Kid.


Well-Known Member
I have the Velbon 630 and I ordered it through an acquaintance in Hong Kong. Basically they sell a newer version of the 630 since they are only sold in Asia now. Same basic tripod but with new retractable spiked feet, leg wrap, rock bag, and carry case and a pan/tilt head all for around $324 shipped. You won't find it in the US because Hakuba owns distribution of Velbon in the US and the Velbon 630 is a direct competitor to the Hakuba CF tripod. Basically they would sell at the same rice point, but the hakuba version uses cheaper materials and you get less accessories. So Hakuba decided not to sell the Velbon 630. The only thing available is the next size up Velbon 7xx series tripods. The Velbons are good because they are light (magnesium alloy parts) and same CF legs as the equivalent Gitzo) The twist lock is not as difficult to use as Gitzo's but slightly larger. I love mine... And for the price it is a great deal.