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Very slow 50mm


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Hi ...

Recently picked up a 50mm F1.4 in the N mount... AF is incredibly slow, to the point it's quicker to manual focus sometimes......
Secondly not convinced it focus correctly, and is just a bit off when it confirms it's in focus..... well not by my eye/screen is it correct.

Seemed worse on the N1 than the ND...... Will see when the film comes back from processing how well it focused.

Is it normal to be this slow ?

Any UK based companies that could service it for me..... considering how long it took to get the ND back from Japan, I'm reluctant to send it back to Kyocera... will be spring before I see it again !!!


Hello 9designs,
The 50mm should not be slow in AF and if the focus is a little off, it seems that adjustment is required. If the problem is to do with electronics, then I regret to say that Kyocera is the only option. If it's mechanical, then you may be able to get it fixed here in the UK by someone like Eddie Houston (
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) who has repaired Contax non-AF Zeiss/Yashica lenses for me and doesn't charge the earth. Email him via his site and see what he suggests - he's not the fastest but he will let you know whether he can help quite promptly. I've also used Sendean Cameras in London for Contax camera/lens repairs in the past with good results - check their website to see if the AF lenses are in their list for repairs.


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Hey we all back on line .......
Sendean confirmed they can service the AF lenses....
Found with use it's got a little better, more accurate but still slow...... bit reluctant to be without as I'm enjoying experimenting with it and shooting wide open with such fast prime..... will see how it goes a little longer, then send it off.


Contact Frazer Allen at alphadigitalservice in the UK. They service Contax. Tell him that I sent you from

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Best wishes


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Hi Dirk,
I have spoken to Fraser in the past when the repair on my ND was taking so long, it was away in Japan for around 12-14 weeks !!.... Hence I was reluctant to send the lens to them.
He was great chap, very helpful and passionate about Contax etc, tells some great stories about Contax and how it all ended... I could have cried !!!
Will see how it performs over the next couple of weeks, then decide in the new year what to do.



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Picked up another 50mm lens (UK eBay seller).... This one is soooooo much quicker and crisp operation, snaps into focus nicely. Excellent alround condition with case.
Came with a "free" NX and C8 case !!!....... all for a couple of hundred quid less than my first attempt.
So my original one is on it's way to AlphaDigitalservices and then Japan.


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Repair estimate from Japan..... 175GBP ouch....