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View Camera


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I know this board is for Contax but I have a question regarding View Cameras. I have just inhertied 4 view camera lens, lighting, and a old Calumet view camera. The camera is not any good but the lens are in great shape. I am looking at a used Horseman 450 in excellent condition. Does anyone have any experience with view cameras and what do you think of the the Horsman 450. Any other suggestions are welcome. Please contact me at


All depends on what you intend to use it for. There is a WIDE range of view cameras, each varying in size, weight, stability, features, movements and adjustability. Is it for studio, or field, landscape, or ??

The Horseman 450 is a lightweight, compact view camera, well thought of, but may not have the full range of movements you might need (depending what you want to do).


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I would like to use it for landscape and portraits (interior and exterior). My main thought is that I have the lenses, 50 4x5 film holers, case, spot meter and assorted accessories that if I could pick up a view camera relativly cheap it would be fun to learn.


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One thing about Large Format lenses is they have a image circle or coverage number. This will indicate if they will work with 4x5 or 5x7 or 8x10 sheet film/view cameras.

The available movements on a View Camera will allow you to use it for different types of photography (ie. landscape or architectural).

Gary E


Warren, if you got those lenses with a 4x5 camera, I assume they have large enough image circles to cover that format with reasonable movements. What lenses did you get, if I may ask?

The Horseman 45 you mean? Because the 450 LXc is a heavy studio camera. The 45 Should be a good camera being a Horseman but know that it may not sport full movements (shift and rise) in the back standard being a field/technical camera. But that should not hinder you from taking fantastic images as there are ways to overcome the features shortcoming through substitute movements. Ebony makes field-cameras that sport view-camera like movements, but are pricey and not easily available used. Enjoy your foray into LF photography.