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View finder of Dynax 5


New Member
Hi all,

I have some confusions about Dynax 5 viewfinder.

* In the manual there was an information like "the view finder has 0.75 magnifier for better viewing". What does this mean?

* Dynax 5 viewfinder has %90 of the total view. How can I find out if it is centered or a corner is referenced.



New Member
Basically, the 0.75 magnifier acts like the reverse of a magnifying glass, "shrinking" your image down a bit, so you can see more of what the lens will capture.

What they mean by 90% of the total view is that, when you look through your viewfinder, you'll see 90% of what will be in your picture - the remaining 10% of the picture (the part along the edges) won't show up in the viewfinder.