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Viewing Screens



Does anyone have comparative experience with viewing screens from Bosscreen (Stablix), Maxwell and/or Beattie for 6000 series? If so, any recommendations? Thanks. Ken


Active Member
> My strong personal preference is for the Maxwell "Hi-Lux" Brilliant Matte screen. It snaps into focus much better than the original screen on my 6002. Very bright as well. Mr. Maxwell makes it with grid lines, crop lines, no lines, or center split-image. The grid lines are very fine. I don't find any need for the center focusing aid, due to the high performance of the matte screen. He asks $145 for the plain screen, $245 with split image and/or microprism collar in center. Contact is

Paul Butler


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I have a Rollei TLR 3.5f. I changed the screen that came with the camera with a Maxwell screen. I do not know the particular model, but it is so much brighter at the edges and corners than the original one. I have no experience with the Beattie or Bosscreen and no experience with 6000 series.

Good luck.