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Vintage Olympus Pictures



Hi to all,
I write from Italy and my name is Mauro.
I'm writing a real big book about Olympus (in Italian, I'm sorry...) and I'm taking many pictures direclìtly from my over 110 Olympus cameras collection.
The problem is: I do not own all Olympus cameras (yet :)) so I cannot take pics of any model.
If anyone of you can help me with pics of some model I would appreciate and, terminated the work, I will send a pdf copy of my work.
Many thanks


Well-Known Member

It seems to me you would have two lists:

1. A list of Olympus models you own
2. A list of Olympus models you know about but do not own.

From this others can provide photos of models you don't own, and comment on other models you may not have on either list. Rangefinder Forum ( and the Olympus OM mailing list ( are also good resources for Olympus knowledge.


Thank you Earl,
my problem is that all the pictures published on the web are copyrighted and I can't use them for my book, so I would know if anyone who has a rare model (as the Olympus Standard or the 35 "Cat's Paw" or the Olympus Flex in any model) wants to share pictures of his Olympus jewel.
Many thanks to all


If you need a list I can post it here.