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Voiglander macro len



Hello, does anyone have the experience about the voiglander 125mm f/2.5 macro len.



Is this one of the new Voigtlander SLR lenses? I've been wanting to hear user reports for a while yet, but haven't heard anything. I, too, am particularly keen on any macro lenses they might have. There's at least some info on these lenses at Steve Gandy's site (
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), but no real evaluative stuff yet.

So I guess the sum of this post is, "me too."



Hello John

I have seen the
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and others web-site (maybe photonet) and it said that the Voigtlander SLR marco was a good lens and maybe as good as the contax one. If the aforesaid is right, it is a good news for me as Voigtlander only the half price of contax.



New Member
Where can I purchase the Voigtlander 125mm Macro
lens in the USA? No one at B&H Photo (a huge
American retailer in NEW YORK) could tell
me - it seems that Cosina does not have a
United States distributor. I have just looked
at the Japanese website & could not even get
into the English translation.


Hello, I think you'll find the new Voigtlander offerings are listed through Camera Quest, which is run by Steve Gandy. Good luck. People generally say good things about doing business with him. (I have no personal experience however.)
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I looked a the lens, on Steve's web site, he's asking a bit over $600.00 for it. I'm wondering if it's worth the price. He states that some have used it and consider it as good as the Zeiss 100mm, but I wonder?

At the price it's about the same as a used Zeiss 60mm, and that lens seems to have such a good rep.

What do you all think?

Just curious