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Voigtlaender lenses on Contax


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Hello everybody. I hope that I have posted this in the right thread.
I have just seen in a UK dealer's brochure that he is offering for sale high quality Voigtlander manual focus lenses in a variety of fittings including Contax. I have spoken to him and he confirms that this is correct.
This seems an interesting development to me. Maybe it is common knowledge but I hadn't heard of it.
In view of the high regard in which the Cosina/Voigtlander rangefinder system lenses are held, these lenses may be worth considering as alternatives to Zeiss or is that beyond the pale?
The lenses range from 40mm f2 to 180mm f4 but to me the most interesting is the 125mm f2.5. It is not cheap at £499.90 plus £57 for the bayonet lens hood but I expect the price compares well with Zeiss prices.
If anybody has tried these lenses or has heard reviews of them, it would be interesting to know how they perform.


Oops-- now I found the thread!

I just sent you a private email, John. Here is is, in case anyone else is interested:
I tried to reply on the thread, but it seems to be closed now. You can find all the Voigtlander lenses in I have never found a magazine report of their lenses for SLRs.

I was also interested in the 125mm (you can find its pretty amazing MTF figures here:
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but never made up my mind.

I don't know anything about the pound-dollar exchange or Cameraquest policy regarding shipping to Europe.

Best regards,




Do you mind telling me which dealers stocks these lenses? (I hope this request is not construed as a form of advertising!!)

Looking at the cameraquest site, the lenses seem to be quite compact - and if I hadn't already got a full complement of Zeiss lenses, I would have considered them for my Aria. As for cameraquest's policy on shipping to the UK - all I can say is that I'm very pleased!!

Thanks, Saras


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Hi Saras,

do not worry, we know to differentiate between advise among users for dealers and spamming by the dealer himself to the users


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Hello Juan,
Thanks for that. I checked the links and found the MTF figures which do seem impressive but I couldn't get the words to translate into English. Have you been able to do that?
I also looked at and found that very interesting. The lenses do look good and cheaper than here although one has to add customs duty etc. and I always worry about guarantees when buying from abroad.
I was also intrigued by the Bessaflex based on the old Topcon. I have certainly never seen that and I'm sure it isn't available here. It looks to have an S2 feel to it but only $295. I wonder if it is any good. I also wonder why we have not seen any reviews of the lenses or of the camera. The rangefinders are well known but the Bessaflex and the SL lenses seem very obscure if that's the right word. Mr. Kobayashi seems to be a remarkable person.


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Hello Saras,
I saw the advertisement in the brochure from SpeedGraphic
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, tel. 0845 3 30 55 30. I am on their mailing list.
I had a quick look on their web site but couldn't see the Voigtlander lenses but I am sure they would send you a brochure if you requested it.
Thanks for the comment about cameraquest too.


Thanks John,

I'll call them and see what they offer!!

Cheers, Saras



Here is the internet translation (I am not sure it is informative, but it is amusing)

- Shutter chance is not let escape, taking the o
???????? scenery of all the photographing distance
correspondences while, it closes up photographs the flower. It visits
the instant of impression with field, suddenly regardless of the
distance. If macro ??????, even at such a time you can
obtain the optimum result with 1. From connection copying of identical
dimensions, until the portrait and distant view. In order to show the
highest picture quality always at all photographing distances, it was
designed especially, it is Takasina rank ?? ???? of new

- In this class of 11 configurations which 2 use the abnormal low
distributed glass the only and abnormality 2 you adopt the distributed
glass low, revising chromatic aberration to the extremity. Furthermore
thorough aberrations with the lens configuration which consists of 11
revision. Furthermore it does, with becoming dim taste, beautiful
description was implemented with clear.

- Because the high picture quality which to infinity distantly is
fixed is implemented, adopting individual 3 group floating features
from close-up of individual 3 group floating feature identical
dimensions. The highest picture quality was implemented according to
all photographing distances.

- Being bright, you call the 125mm F2.5125 millimeter of best balance
which it is easy to use while adopting the focal length which it is
easy to use, implementing the brightness of F2.5. It was compatible
picture quality and ease of use, it is the lens of real group.

- The Takasina rank finish which holds practicality and beauty being
smooth, the helicoid of the touch which it will be secure, infinity
operating distantly smoothly to after identical dimensions, promises
secure focus operation. As for the camera cone, being tough, the
entire metal make of beautiful design. The bayonet type metal make
hood of the crystal paint finish (the hood cap to attach) has
belonged. - You can use with your single-lens reflex! Almost it
corresponds to the mount of all multi mount corresponding presently
have circulated single-lens reflexs. Nikon Ai-S and CANON FD,
?????? (Ricoh) PK-AR and Olympus OM, other than Minolta
MD, Contax and M42, it is accustomed to errand even at CANON EF and
Minolta ?. (EF as for ? to use with manual focusing, as for AE
complete gearing)

I have used the Voigtlander screw mount lens Nokton 50mm 1.5, and I am very happy with it. The reviews that I have read on their SM lenses for old Leicas and new Bessa are very good, excellent quality for the price.



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Thanks for the translation. I enjoyed it!
Interesting about your Nocton too. I might pursue it further. 125mm is an odd focal length but I don't see why 135 should be cast in stone. I recall it has some historical significance which I cannot now remember.
The camera looks interesting too. Pity it seems to be in Nikon rather than Contax mount but in fact I haven't found any other information on it so far.


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It looks like the Bessaflex is M42. It also looks as though it's based upon the Yashica FX3 (as are the Voigtlander rangefinders!) which apparently was made by Cosina...good camera.
I found this on cameraquest.