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Voigtlander 35mm 25 Pancake II in M Mount



I believe this lens has a different optical design to the origional 35mm pancake and classic in order to incorporate an "M" mount fitting. Has anyone had experience of this optic?
hi andrew....
this lens is M mount and very compact...
is is just 17mm distance from mount point to lens front..(without hood).
photo quality is very good (compare with that price)
but. i think that summicron is better quality than that (but..quality gap is not bigger that price gap..^^)
the photo of that lens shows color of rich blue or magenta. i don't like that.
but..someone like that..
and.. sharpness is under summicron...
if you want to buy good cost-efficiency lens...
the answer is that.^^
I consider this to be an excellent lens, good sharpness from edge to edge, well built and tiny! I would definitely buy one again if given the choice.