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vues aujourd'hui...

hello all,

4 street photographs, with the DP1s : the random feel (you never know what's going out of the box!) is quite exciting, actually :



mother and son


merci Bultex


this big!





Well-Known Member
All excellent candid shots. I like the reflected light in II best.

I don't know about you, but I have the impression that the French get very self-conscious about having a camera pointing at them (yet I find them to be extremely photogenic). Anyway, I get nervous taking these kinds of shots unless I've got a very long lens.

Nice job.

Thank you Jesse !
I'm so pleased you said you liked the light in #2 : I like it too, and it allowed me to pretend to point upwards and tell this lady to walk ! (they had stopped)...


Well-Known Member
Great stuff....I too like the reflection of the light in #2...I would process that one a little more to see what effect you could bring out of it....

I hope you don't mind that I played with the picture...


Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


New Member
Hello, Thanks for the welcome. Am still browsing my way around your site so will begin to make postings only when I find subject matter on which I feel competent to comment.
For the time being I wish to look at images posted by your members with a view to deciding on which equipment I should purchase relative to becoming a 'useful' member.
Take care all