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Waiting for lens updates


New Member
Hi everybody,

I am searching for rumors on how long it will take Sigma to update some of their lenses. I own a Sony a300 body, which I will update to the next semi-pro body whenever they will release one. Since I am also interested in capturing video (with my next camera...), I try to exclusively buy ultrasonic-motor-driven lenses. Now, I would really like to buy one or both of the following two Sigma lenses:
105mm f/2.8 Macro
30mm f/1.4
The 30mm is HSM - but unfortunately not for Sony, which is confusing since Sigma seems to be very capable building HSM for Sony (i.e. 50mm f/1.4 HSM, or 17-70mm HSM). The 105mm scores pretty awesome on every test I read but it also comes with an old screw-driven focusing mechanism.
Does anyone have an idea whether Sigma is planning to update these lenses in the near future? Or does anyone know how old the two lens designs are and what's the usual frequency with which Sigma updates their lenses?
I appreciate any hints.

For Sony cameras, there's a nice rumor website, but I haven't found anything similar for Sigma lenses...