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Want to Buy a Leica Digital for Weddings but....



I would like to use a Leica for my weddings but I have NOT seen anyone using Leicas for weddings. Everything is Nikon and Canon Auto focus DSLR.
Any suggestions ? I was going to wait to see if Leica comes out with something New with a better sensor and higher ISO for low light.


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I use a Leica M8 at weddings on a regular basis. But I admit to also taking a AF DSLR with modern TTL flash system that provides bounce ability.

There are a number of wedding photographers that use a Leica M either as the primary camera, or like me as an available light supplement. Rangefinder work tends to produce a different look and feel ... a different way of thinking.

A lot of images on my website, especially the very candid work, was done with a M7 or M8 digital ... take a look:

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