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Want to step up SRT 101 to


I have been out of photography for many years, as evidenced by the camera I have (SRT101), and would like to reenter the visual world. I have about 5 lenses' that work with my 101 and would like to continue using them if possible.

I would like input from fellow Minolta users as to what camera body I can "upgrade" to and still be able to use the lenses' I have. One is the MC that came with the camera, a Vivitar and a Soligor, plus others.

Obviously, I would like to have the most recent camera body that would be compatible with my lenses.

Any input would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.

Northern, CA


>Hi your old lenses can be used on Minolta X300, X500 and X700. The X700 is the last production manual focus slr. The production line for X700 stopped about 1999. The viewfinder is very bright. >


> And to add further, the minolta mount lenses can be used on all minolta manual focus slrs like XD, XE, XG etc. > Hung


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Many people like the Minolta X-5xx series for it's through the viewfinder information during manual exposure. I like my X-700 for it's fully automatic exposure and ability to slap on loads of accessories - more in this in a moment.

What's "wrong" with your Minolta SR T 101 camera? I love mine and it's still going strong, and I get world class pictures through it. Can you tell us more about yours?

When you write: "Obviously, I would like to have the most recent camera body that would be compatible with my lenses." ... well, "obviously" has no meaning for me. Can you tell us more?

Are you looking for the benefits of automatic features? Which ones? Exposure? Focus? Wind? Flash? Except for auto exposure, all these "automatic" features are ADD ONS to any camera that uses the Minolta manual focus lenses. Auto exposure is available in the X-700, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority are available in the XD cameras, and Aperture Priority is available in most of the X-cameras, and some have NO manual exposure or manual metering mode - so be careful. All use LED indicators rather than the splendid match needle in the Minolta SR T 101.

Auto wind requires an additional winder or motor drive.

Auto flash requires an additional accessory flash unit.

Auto focus is rarely available in a few antique auto focus lenses that have their own motors and batteries and sensors - hard to find, and this feature cannot be retrofitted to existing manual focus lenses.

Is all that that okay?

Or, do you want BUILT IN in auto flash and auto film wind and or auto focus? If so, consider a new or used Minolta Auto Focus camera and keep (or sell off) our manual focus system.

I have both Minolta auto focus and Minolta manual focus systems and I like each for their differences!

So, please tell us more.



To all who have responded to my post so far, my thanks for moving me up the learning curve.

Peter, thank you, now in response to your questions.

My 101 is now working just fine. I had it completely overhauled after the mirror stuck in the up position. It has always given me, for amateur use, nice pictures. I don’t think I want to get rid of it, but I became very concerned when the repair facility told that should the light meter ever fail I would be out of luck as that part was no longer available! I did not want to spend more money on equipment for the 101 that I might suddenly no longer be able to use.

While, when trying to be artistic, I like the fully manual mode of the 101 there are times when I would like the picture taking process to be simpler. This came to be when I used a friend’s Cannon for a few quick shots that turn out nice. Point – focus – and shoot. Like at birthday parties when you just don’t want to have to take the time to fool around with settings, but really don’t want to use a point and shoot camera.

However, being frugal as I am it occurred to me that maybe there was another Minolta of newer vintage that could provide some newer and more desirable features while still allowing me to use my existing lenses. I have always had good luck with my Minolta and really don’t want to shift over to a new manufacture’s system. When I say “more desirable†that includes those features that I currently don’t even know exist, but when I find out about them it seems that would be very useful.

Also, it would seem that the availability for “add on†goodies would be much greater for a newer model like the X700 than my SRT 101. I have been looking on eBay and it seems that almost every 101 up for auction is non-functional and only available as a parts source to be cannibalized. So, again it would seem unwise NOT to move up to something newer and make my future investments in something that is not so antiquated.

I am not familiar with the features of X700 beyond what you have outlined. However, I did find a web site where there is a user’s manual and plan to review it.

Hope this helps …. Additional input welcome.
X-700 is the perfect camera for you, I too started on and still an SRT 101, also te 201 and several other 202's and such. Grab a used 700 on eBay and your set to go.

Good Luck!


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I love my X-700. I just sold my trusty XG-M to finance, in part, the purchase of an MD-1. I say if you don't feel compelled to sell the old body, keep it and supplement your equipment with an X-700 body.