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WANTED CZ lenses Must be made in Germany


Well-Known Member
Hi All,

Does anyone have any of the CZ manual focus lenses below for sale? must be MADE IN GERMANY ONLY !!!!}
28mm f2.8, 35mm f2.8, 100mm f3.5.

I am not concerned about the cosmetic condition as long as the optics are MINT and they are mechanically sound, with free moving blades and smooth focus, no stiff focus rings! and no slipping rubber focus grips please!

Thanks Steve.M. (UK)


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Hi Salim,

Thanks...but the 28/2.8 was certainly made in some numbers in Germany...I have seen one, but failed to buy at the time. Several of the Zeiss range were made in low numbers in Germany, but transfered manufacture to Japan later and in much larger numbers. Both the 35/2.8 and 28/2.8 were made in Germany in low numbers, but are very hard to find!! (hence my post)

Cheers Steve


Active Member
Hi Steve,
That's great to know and it does make sense. I actually searched for the German version of 28/2.8 myself and everything I read indicated that there is only Japanese version. I have 3 copies of 28/2.8 (don't ask why) but now I'll keep my eyes open for the German version.
I have bought a few lenses from these guys:
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They have a used section that you may want to take a look at once in a while. Also make a post in buy and sell section as well.

Good luck!


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Hey Salim,

Thanks for the info.

Bear in mind when the RTS system was first introduced in 1975? I believe all of the initial lens range were made in Germany because I think Zeiss had no lens facility in Japan at that time. I believe that for the first year or two, there were lens supply problems and Zeiss could not supply all the intended lens range and reading between the lines I wonder if it was at this point that Zeiss decided to also manufacture some of the lenses in Japan. I believe from then on they simply made batches of lenses at whichever facility (German or Japanese) that had enough spare capacity and parts available. The 35/2.8 was one of the very original lens range so I believe some of these must have been made in Germany even though I have not seen one. The 28/2.8 I have certainly seen a German one and the 100/3.5 I am just hoping was made in Germany at some point!

If anyone can clarify or confirm any of this, I would be grateful !!

Cheers Steve.