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Was this a good deal


Hi again. I just purchased a "used" Maxxum 7 in "excellent" condition for 510.00. Does it sound like I got a good deal?

1) Minolta Maxxum 7 in excellent condition.

(1) Minolta vertical control grip

(1) 35-80 mm MINOLTA lens

One Yellow K2 and one Red 25A 49mm PRO MASTER filter (excellent for Black and White photogragphy)

One 75-300mm MINOLTA lens (a 350.00 value when purchased new)

55mm Tiffen Sky 1-A filter, a 55mm Quantaray Circular Polarizer, a 55mm Quantaray Fogalizer and a 55mm Quantaray C.S. filter.

Let me know & make me feel better for purchasing one that was used! I couldnt find one new in stock anywhere! Thanks!!


New Member
Yep. That is a pretty darn good deal with all the lenses and filters, especially the Yellow and the Red as those can get pricey.

Happy Shooting!

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