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WB with studio strobes


Hello everyone!

There is a question which puzzles me with regard to the white balance of my SD14 while using studio strobes.
I hope I can get an explanation here.

I have recently bought two relatively cheap studio strobes to do some jewelery photography. (Delicacy 180 - Compact Flash -
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I tried to use custom WB with a grey card but I somehow cannot obtain images which have proper WB both for the white background and the object itself.
I observe what seems to be a considerable magenta-green shift.
The curious thing is that the proper WB is different for the different picture elements (typically the background and the subject, but sometimes the parts of the small subject itself).
After in SPP if I balance on the background I get wrong colors of the subject and vice verse.
I have tried to put the grey card in the picture and neutralize from it, but it didn't do the trick neither.

As you can see on the attached pictures:

on the one which is "as shot" with custom WB captured off the grey card, the card is not exactly grey and the background is with magenta cast

on the "balanced off the card" on the picture, the card is grey, but the background is still magenta

on the two other pics balanced off the shadow of the metal tool and the white background itself respectively everything else is greenish

Can someone explain this "anomaly" and what can be done to get all the scene in proper WB?
And also: is it the SD14 or strobes' fault (or mine :) )?

Kind regards,


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