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We change the Software for the Hasselblad Forum & Survey


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Dear Hasselblad Fan,

we just want to inform you about 2 important issues:

1. We will switch soon the forum software.

As soon as the softwareswitch is over, we will send you an email.

Your username and password will stay the same. You do not need to change anything. All postings, images etc. will be imported too.

Only the albums and the userprofile questions can not be imported.

The new software is a lot better than the old one, with better usability and nice additional features. The first weeks after the import will be a Beta phase, while we still make small changes, adjust the settings, which can only be started after the import of the old forum is finished.

We are sorry for any inconveniance which might occur in the first days after the switch.

2. We have still this survey running. Deadline for your answers and ideas is this Friday night. So please do not miss the opportunity to participate in this to make sure your ideas are also represented. We discus there ideas to restructure/improve the forum. So do not miss it!

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Your Hasselbladinfo Team