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Is RTS III weatherproof? Which CONTAX body is weatherproof? What I meant is that a camera body is sealed and cased well enough to protect from dust, rain, humid air, salty sea wind, etc. Canon EOS-1 is regarded as the best weatherproof camera body. Are there any CONTAX body compatible with Canon EOS-1 or better?


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> Are there any CONTAX body compatible > with Canon EOS-1 or better?

Don't think so. Jeff


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The RTSIII has a rubber "O"-ring instead of foam to block out light between the back and body. I wouldn't say it's waterproof, but it seems more sealed than my other foamed bodies. >


Actually EOS-1 is not really weatherproof. EOS-1V is. However, most of Canon lenses aren't weatherproof, and that makes it a funny combination. Contax N1 is weatherproof as well. RTS III has some rubber O-rings and gaskets in few places, but I don't think it's technically weatherproof.



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Thanks for your input here. Is really N1 weatherproof? I don't remember where, but I read that one of reasons why N1 is not graded as pro-gear is the lack of weatherproof feature.

I thought at least RTS III is weatherproof among CONTAX bodies. Then there is no weatherproof Contax body? That's disappointing.


According to my Brochure, the S2 and S2b have sealed dials and knobs. The S2 is explicitely stated to be extremly durable and robust against environmental influences.



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Yes, S2 and S2b is quite durable and robust. I like the body a lot. CONTAX should keep making this all mechanical body. Hopefully, S3 with both centre-weighted and spot meter in one body, not seperated one!

Since most of CONTAX bodies use heavy electronics, it's ironical that all mechanical body, S2/b, is only weatherproof.