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Well what do you think of the D7D


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Hi all.

I've just seen the offical spec of the D7D

Seems a little expensive, but great build quality and AS have to be worth this.

What do you think, will you buy?

I'm waiting until it's well tested, but it's highly likely to be my next purchase



Denis, Yes, I have seen the specs, not bad at all. Pity it doesn't match the 8MPix of the new Canon, but as you say it has AS. But I haven't seen anything yet on the price. Could you post what you know, and where this applies - I'm in UK, so we're likely to be at least 20% more than US. Regards Chris Davies


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Hi Chris

I'm UK as well and as far as I know the rrp is £1159.99.
I got that from the Ephotozine website.

Expecting roughly £200 off when it gets into the shops, cash sales etc, it's still going to be in the region of £900.

I think that's still a little high, but the AS is worth at least £200 and I don't reckon an extra 2mp is going to make much difference.

Would like it to be D70 priced, but that's a little too much to expect from a mag alloy model.

I just hope it uses those pixels to max effect


Hi Dennis

Where did you see the price?
I can´t seem to find the price anywhere in Ephotozines website. It´s not for sale yet, just mentioned on their newslist.



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Hi Peter

It's at the bottom of the news story, under Pricing and Availabilty.
I have a thread in at the mo, asking Pete where he got the price from.

Here's a cut and paste, I was wrong it's £10 cheaper! lol

Konica Minolta Dynax 7D Body Only £1,149.99 Late October DiMAGE Master Software £99.99


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Hello my Minolta-info-friends,

It's NOT the


It's the


D7D implies it's ONLY a Dynax

There's also the




versions, too, ya know!!! ;-)

And. it's from

Konica Minolta


K M A D M 7 D



I think it's GREAT and mature - ISO 100 to 3200!

I like the anti shake offering low light, low shutter speed capability with almost ALL Minotla A-mount lenses.

I look forward to buying one used for ~$300US ... I'll wait! ;-)

FIm and scanner suit me now, and buying an archive/presentation printer is next for me I guess, unless I can find a local photo lab to enlarge my digital files and print them on archive photo chemical paper.

The images are what concerns me, and I'll spend money on a KMADM7D IF it offers me an image creation opportunity that I do not have now, that I WANT, and that I can afford.

Okay, back to tye KMADM7D - and PLEASE remember the rest of the world who see this camera as either





Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon
Konica Minolta Olympus Contax Yashica Pentax Canon Nikon Nikkor Vivitar Tamron Samyang Cosina Fujifilm Ilford Kodak Agfa Adobe Hewlett Packard
et cetera Photographer (have I left anyone out?)

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PS - For $2,400 I can buy a gyroscope to mount ANY camera on and then ALL my cameras and lenses will be anti shake, so the budget for one single camera only with anti shake must compete with that. It's nice that, unlike Canon and Nikon, the KMADM7D applies anti shake to almost ALL Minolta A-mount lenses, so that is a BIG plus over Canon and Nikon. But, how do I anti-shake my rangefinder and my Minolta SR/MC/MD lens cameras and my other cameras - Nikon, Olympus, Yashica, Contax, Canon, any camera I borrow from a friend, any camera I try on loan, et centera?


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for Ken-Lab's Gyroscopes for still image photography.



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On the Km website in the UK, it's called the Dynax 7D, or Dynax 7 Digital, so D7D still works.

It's also labelled on the Camera..... Dynax 7D


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Dennis Falls (Rincewind) Member (<10 comments) Username: Rincewind Post Number: 8 Registered: 06-2004 Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2004 - 8:14 pm: On the Km website in the UK, it's called the Dynax 7D, or Dynax 7 Digital, so D7D still works. It's also labeled on the Camera ... Dynax 7D


Hi Dennis/Ricewind and our fellow Minolta-info-friends,

Yes, I know.

... and the same camera is on Konica Minolta's web site as a Maxxum and as an Alpha.

They are all the same cameras, all over the world, with three different names.

This is an international web site, too.

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which states:


... the Alpha announcement was apparently a separate announcement.

D7D is myopic in my eye, so to speak.

... D7D, A7D, M7D ...

... KMD7D, KMA7D, KMM7D ...

... just plain 7D ?!?

... KMADM7D gets 'em ALL:

Konica Minolta Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 7 Digital

D7D does not.

I know what you mean, but someone doing a web search for Maxxum or Alpha will NOT find this resource if you only call it D for Dynax.

Not a problem ... unless you WANT to have a true world wide audience, eh?



Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon Konica Minolta Olympus Contax Yashica Pentax Canon Nikon Nikkor Vivitar Tamron Samyang Cosina Fujifilm Ilford Kodak Agfa Adobe Hewlett Packard et cetera Photographer (have I left anyone out?)
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PS - Konica Minolta has officially renamed their entire company and all further products "Konica Minolta", including film cameras, so someday we'll want to follow suite with KonicaMinoltaInfo.Com, eh?

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which states:

"Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc. Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. Konica Minolta Camera, Inc. February 13, 2004

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging and Konica Minolta Camera Unify Brand under “Konica Minolta†for New Film and Cameras

Konica Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. (president: Hideaki Iwama) and Konica Minolta Camera, Inc. (president: Hiroshi Fujii) announce unification of a brand under “Konica Minoltaâ€, in principle, for the upcoming new products of the both companies.

Konica Minolta Group was formed in 2003 as a new corporate group through the management integration and the following reorganization. Konica Minolta Photo Imaging and Konica Minolta Camera have continued to use familiar Konica brand for color film and paper and Minolta brand for cameras after the reorganization in October to avoid confusion among customers, who have long favored our respective products.

On the other hand, we have heard from many of our customers that we should unify our brand to strengthen our brand image to maximize synergy effects of the total Konica Minolta Group. Furthermore, digitization and networking is accelerating in the field of imaging we are involved in. For the corporate group widely operating not only in the photographic materials and camera industries but also in the office equipment such as digital multi-functional machines and printers, we came to the conclusion that we could provide more reliable products and services to customers and consumers through operating under one brand. We, therefore, decided to introduce new products, in principle, under the unified brand, “Konica Minolta†from now on.

Both Konica Minolta Photo Imaging and Konica Minolta Camera aim to firmly establish “Konica Minolta†brand through this brand unification and provision of convenient and versatile solutions and products -- from input to output -- for customers.

Our symbol logo represents the new value it offers to customers, an expression of the trust and security, and an expression of precision and quality in the technologies and products created by Konica Minolta. We will make efforts in creating and providing products symbolized by Konica Minolta logo to customers around the world."


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Why not quote the press release for our archives and to keep us all from wondering if we've got the specifications right?

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15th September 2004


The world’s first*1 digital SLR camera with revolutionary, body-integral, Anti-shake technology

Konica Minolta is delighted to unveil the Konica Minolta Dynax7D/Maxxum7D. This groundbreaking new 6.1-million-pixel resolution, lens-changeable digital camera is the world’s first digital SLR boasting a body-integral CCD-shift, “Anti-shake†(camera-shake compensation) technology that combines enhanced picture quality, performance and improved handling characteristics. And the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is compatible with the full range of Dynax/Maxxum AF lenses.

The Konica Minolta Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is a lens-changeable digital SLR camera that inherits many of the high-specifications and performance from the Dynax/Maxxum series SLR cameras. Introduced in 1985, the Minolta Maxxum 7000/Minolta 7000 boasted another world first; the first 35mm film SLR with a fully-fledged AF system able to use interchangeable AF lenses. The new model’s high technological standards and heritage make it an intensely appealing camera.

The Dynax7D/Maxxum7D is a digital SLR created using a broad range of unique, sophisticated photographic technologies each developed with years of camera making experience for amateur and professional photographers alike.

The unique, built-in CCD shift-type “Anti-shake†technology makes the new camera the first digital SLR to feature a body-integral Anti-shake function. The key benefit of Anti-shake being it can support all Konica Minolta AF lenses.*2 Anti-shake technology allows photography with reduced blur due to camera shake, even when shooting dimly lit scenes or when using telephoto lenses and shooting macro subjects without the aid of flash or a tripod.

Another key to the new camera’s performance are its 6.1-million effective pixels, housed on a large size CCD plus Konica Minolta’s proprietary, CxProcess™ III image processing technology that delivers high-definition, natural-looking images.

High speed image processing is achieved using the all-new Advanced LSI engine designed to help provide fast data handling for improved camera responsiveness and control.

The camera also boasts a large, easy-to-view, high-definition 2.5-inch color LCD monitor housed on it’s back-plate, the large screen handles the tasks of menu navigation and image display, also providing shooting information and camera setting displays.

In keeping with its acclaimed Dynax/Maxxum film SLR counterpart, the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D inherits a similar, simple to use dial and lever operation system. Enhancing handling further, the new model also features a superbly-bright, easy-to-view, high-performance viewfinder designed to be comfortable and easy to use.

In addition, the new digital SLR offers a comprehensive function set, designed to meet a diverse range of photographic challenges and user needs, complemented by a broad range of Dyanx/Maxxum accessories that give photographers a complete system back-up.

Product Highlights

1. World’s first*1 digital SLR to be equipped with a body-integral, CCD-shift camera-shake compensation “Anti-shake†technology that supports all compatible interchangeable AF lenses*2.

2. Stunning picture quality derived from a high resolution, 6.1-million-pixel (effective) CCD and original CxProcessâ„¢ III image processing technology.

3. A large, easy-to-view 2.5-inch high-definition color LCD monitor that combines menu navigation with image and data display.

4. Combines simple operation in a stylish, compact package inheriting the product ideals of the Dynax/Maxxum range of film SLRs. Upgraded, high-end shooting and versatile imaging functions designed to satisfy any photographer’s needs, whether they are amateur or enthusiast.

5. Excellent system back-up and accessories to cater to a broad range of shooting styles and conditions.


1. The world’s first*1 digital SLR with body-integral Anti-shake Technology and CCD Shift Mechanism, including compatibility with Minolta A-Mount optics and allowing all Konica Minolta interchangeable AF lenses to be used.*2

2. The award winning Anti-shake technology was selected as “European Photo Innovation of the Year 2004 – 2005†by EISA*4 and provides the equivalent correction effect*3 with a shutter speed 2 - 3 steps slower.

Now it’s possible to reduce blur caused by camera shake, even when taking photos in dimly lit or twilight scenes, in natural light with a telephoto lens, as well as macro shots – without relying on a higher ISO setting, the aid of a flash or tripod. Anti-shake responds quickly to both broad, slow-swaying motion of the camera body and the higher frequency shaking typical of camera shake caused by the photographer’s hands.

The Anti-shake technology can be switched on or off via a dedicated switch on the camera’s back and when active, an Anti-shake indicator is displayed on the viewfinder to keep the user informed when it’s active.

3. Consistently high picture quality is ensured by the 6.1-million-effective-pixel APS-C size CCD, the unique CxProcess™ III image processing technology, and a combination of Konica Minolta’s expertise in photosensitive materials and exposure control technologies. Each is integrated here in the new model to ensure superb picture quality and to help make the most of any attached AF optic.

* Large 6.1-million-effective-pixel APS-C size CCD allows shooting of high-resolution images that have a wide dynamic range but with reduced noise, in highlight and shadows.

* A newly developed Advanced LSI image processing engine for the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D that enables high-speed processing of large quantities of data and designed to improve image processing at high-sensitivity settings ensuring reduced image noise while retaining high picture quality. This combination also helps ensure a handling response similar to the smooth-shooting rhythm associated with 35mm film SLRs.

* CxProcess™ III is an original, image processing technology designed to provide impressive and natural-looking images. CxProcess™ III, achieves these stunning, natural-looking images by integrating a broad range of photographic technologies gained from Konica Minolta’s long years of experience in this field. It ensures clear and crisp pictures, natural skin tones and packs in detail, ideal for shooting landscapes or macro subjects.

4. Large, easy-to-view monitor that works as both the menu Navigation Display and image playback/review screen.

* Easy-to-View 2.5-inch High-Definition LCD Monitor

Mounted on the camera's back-plate is the large, easy-to-view 2.5-inch, high-resolution, 207,000-pixel color monitor. It quickly and clearly displays captured shots for fast image appraisal. Image histogram data can be overlaid without obscuring the displayed image and thanks to its large size, it can display up to a 16-frame thumbnail index display.

* Menu and Navigation Display

The LCD monitor works as a Navigation Display allowing seamless operation with clear and concise camera settings displayed with comprehensive shooting information, indicated with large, easy to read text. Aiding ease of use further, the display automatically switches from horizontal to vertical format when shooting in the upright “portrait†format. 5. Simple operation and a stylish, design ethos that inherits design features and ease of use from its Dynax7/Maxxum7, 35mm film SLR camera heritage.

* Intuitive Operation with Dial-&-Lever System

The new model inherits the dial and lever operation system from the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D, a system highly regarded by owners of that system for its user friendliness. It offers intuitive operation, making it particularly good for users moving up to the new, digital model from the silver halide SLR predecessor. The exposure-compensation dial and easy to use exposure-mode dials is also borrowed from the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D, making it familiar and helping users respond quickly to changing shooting conditions or rapidly changing picture opportunities. A separate white-balance lever is provided for fast white balance control, enhancing the ease of use still further.

* Easy-to-View, High-Performance Viewfinder

A spherical acute matte focusing screen is used in the viewfinder for accurate, bright critical focusing assessment. The new model incorporates an optical glass pentaprism viewfinder with a 0.9X magnification factor and 95% field of view for easy scene assessment and composition.

* Highly Durable and Reliable Magnesium-Alloy Body

The new camera is compact and stylish with a combination of metal paneling body covering. It has a robust build quality thanks to its magnesium alloy front body panel and base; the tough build also enhances camera reliability.

6. Enhanced shooting functions and versatile control designed to satisfy high-end enthusiast and amateur users.

* High-Performance, High-Speed AF

The new model incorporates a central, cross hair type, 9-point and 8-line AF sensor array providing high-precision AF and high performance subject tracking of moving subjects within the frame. The AF system enables both Predictive Focus Control and Subject Tracking for high-speed focus adjustment of moving subjects, making it ideal for fleeting moments or sports photography.

* RAW+JPEG Simultaneous Recording

You can choose to shoot either JPEG or RAW images or both combined with the simultaneous RAW + JPEG dual-format capture mode for improved, post-shoot workflow.

* High-Speed Continuous Advance and Image Processing with Large Capacity Image Buffer

The new model allows high speed continuous shooting of up to 9 consecutive frames at up to 3-frames per second in both RAW or RAW+JPEG modes thanks to a large image buffer. Additionally, it also allows continuous shooting of up to twelve 3008x2000 JPEG images at the extra-fine image-quality setting and fifteen JPEG images the same size at the fine image-quality setting. These high-speed shooting capabilities are ideal for capturing momentary expressions, sports or fleeting action shots while retaining high picture quality throughout.

* Comprehensive Image Adjustment and Control for Creative Picture Capture

a) Image correction:

5-step fine control adjustment for sharpness, contrast, color saturation and hue.

b) White balance (WB) setting:

In addition to the auto mode, the new camera has six presets for WB plus a custom mode for precise white balance settings in difficult lighting conditions. This model also features numerical setting for color temperature, which gives photographers a higher degree of color temperature matching. Fine-tuning is possible over a range from 2500K to 9900K in 100K increments, providing a broader range than with the auto white balance or preset white balance alone.

c) Zone Matching:

New technology that allows the precise reproduction of tonal gradations in highlights and shadows, essential in difficult shooting conditions with predominant highlight and helps ensure noise-free low-light images. The Zone Matching system permits effective control of high and low key tone capture; the former important for highlight capture in shots such as white in a wedding dress, the latter for low light situations.

7. A wide variety of system accessories are also available, adding versatility for all shooting styles and adding flexibility for any photographer’s needs.

* The dedicated VC-7D Vertical Control Grip for Dynax7D/Maxxum7D connects to the camera body and provides a reassuringly firm grip on the camera, it enhances easy, upright camera control and overall ease of use, particularly when shooting upright, portrait-format shots.

a) Comfortable operation and handling for vertical shooting

The VC-7D’s sure-hold grip gives confident handling characteristics and the grip has a dedicated shutter-release button, front and rear control dials, AF/MF control button, AE lock button and AF area selector button, thereby delivering comfortable and reassuring handling characteristics to the camera in either horizontal or vertical shooting situations.

b) Dual lithium-ion batteries can be attached at once

The VC-7D allows two lithium-ion batteries to be used simultaneously for an enhanced power supply. This allows photographers to take advantage of shooting many more images before worrying about recharging the batteries.

c) AA batteries can also be used

Adding still more versatility, standard AA Ni-MH batteries can also be used.

* A broad range of Dynax/Maxxum-system accessories are available including D-series flash units, remote cords and an angle viewfinder. The D-series flash and D-series lenses, which include built-in focus distance calculation, the new model gives improved exposure accuracy. Combined with high-precision ADI flash metering, the camera provides high-precision lighting control that answers the most demanding and diverse needs.

* DiMAGE Master is optional software to improve creative workflow for advanced users. Diversified tools for classifying and comparing images boost work efficiency of selecting the best shots. Newly developed RAW processing program enables more accurate color reproduction.

* Dynax7D
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* Maxxum7D
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*1 As a lens-changeable digital SLR camera

*2 With the camera’s AF macro-zoom 1X - 3X specialist lenses and Anti-shake function turned off.

*3 Anti-shake picture blur correction effect amount varies with shooting conditions and lenses used.

*4 The European Imaging and Sound Association, publishing 50 major photography and AV magazines in 20 European countries.

Konica Minolta also introduces two new zoom lenses

Each designed to provide optimum image quality when used with the new digital SLR, the first is the Konica Minolta AF ZOOM 17 – 35 mm F2.8 – 4 (D) and the second Konica Minolta AF ZOOM 28 – 75 mm F2.8 (D).


1. Large aperture zoom lens and wide-angle zoom lens with stunning performance. Both new zoom lenses offer superior handling characteristics making them ideal in a diverse range of shooting situations.

2. Beautiful defocused image thanks to a circular aperture. Using a round aperture enhances the defocused image with smooth gradations and depicts natural scenes perfectly.

3. Distance encoder incorporated for accurate, high-precision ADI* flash metering

When attached to the Dynax7D/Maxxum7D, the new lenses provide additional information on in-lens focus distance calculations, which is used to further enhance the flash lighting performance and exposure accuracy when using either the built-in flash or the external flash units such as the “Program Flash 5600HS&#D),†“Program Flash 3600HS(D),†or the “2500(D).â€

* ADI (Advanced Distance Integration)


Hi Peter,

thanks for this information. I personally would prefer to keep the name "minoltainfo". I do not like double names and at the end of the day, everybody is talking about his/her Minolta. IMO I do not care about political decision within a company which are very difficult to market it on consumer products

But back to the Dynax/ Maxxum/ Alphy 7D:

It is a desparate try to seperate markets into diferent "price regions". If Konica Minolta thinks that this will help, fine, the customer will find his way to a fair priced body, no matter what is written on it...

I am totally excited about the new 7D. Finally a signal to old and loyal customers that it is worth to stick with the brand. So everybody knows that there is also a future for the Minolta system. And looking at the specs it seems that you really have true compatibility with most of the old lenses (Nikon has this not).

I am sure this will be a success. Even if there might be some bugs in the first run of the 7D, I am patient...


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Do you think the KMADM7D ;-) (MAD-M7 sounds good! lol) will be compatible with lenses from other makers, such as Tokina, Sigma etc.

I have a Sigma 70-300APO that I hope will work ok, the rest of my lenses are all Minolta.

I don't think KM can afford bugs on the MAD-D7. I've had my fingers crossed about this camera from word go and am really looking forward to it doing well


I personally doubt KM will be successful trying to sell this camera for 2 grand. If that price quote is right I know I'll be selling my G lenses and 5600 flash and going with Nikon or Canon. AntiShake means zilch to me.


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Usually the amount in Uk pounds for cameras is the same (or close) to the Dollar amount.

So £1149.99 in rip off Britain, or probably $1150 to $1200 in the US.

Remember it's an RRP and not the price it will end up in sales outlets.

I'm hoping it will be about £900 with some shopping around for a cash sale.

Where did you get "2 grand" from?


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I've just had word the price quoted is an offical R.R.P. for the UK.

Jessops have it on their site too.

So it's £1149.99 in UK pounds.
Meaning that it should sell around £900-950 ;)

A resonable price for the build quality and features, provided it does well in performance tests.


I got "2 grand" from the UK price in pounds. At 1150 pounds I guessed that'd be about $2000 US dollars. Or is one pound now equal to one US dollar?


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I wasn't talking about the exchange rate, it's just that cameras in the US are cheaper, much cheaper.
I meant that what I pay in UK Pounds, you pay in US Dollars or not a whole lot more.

It's common to see a camera in the US sell for the same number of Dollars, as we pay in UK Pounds.

For ex&le, the new Canon 20D body is listed at £1279 here in the UK (= $2294) but in the US the list is $1499 (= only £835!!)

It's very unlikey you see a US list price of more than about $1350 for the 7D and a considerably lower price when it hits the shops

I on the other hand, will be paying a whole lot more, if I hopefully get one for £900 that will still be higher than the full US list price before shop discounts


It would be nice to see some test results on the 7D. One big feature of the Canon 20D is its use of the 1D MkII processing chip, which delivers really low noise way up the ASA scale. I think the images posted on the K-M web site are great, good contrast and definition, but they are 100ASA shots, so should be so, and also taken with a very good lens.
Not too much has been written about relative merits of different lenses on digital SLRs, even for the Canon and Nikon ones. So I wonder how much better (say) the Minolta 17-35 G lens would be than the new 17-35 lens announced at the same time. There are three main factors for me - colour/contrast, distortion. and resolution. My main source of lens critiques
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doesn't include much info later than 2000. Maybe someone knows better, and can point me at some independant assessments like this.


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I think it is encouraging, that the native iso settings run all the way from 100-3200iso

I can't see noise being a problem for 2 reasons.

Firstly, KM didn't make the ccd, it's probably the same Sony ccd used in the Nikon D70 and others. That chip has already proved itself capable of great results.
Secondly, I don't believe KM would have allowed a setting of 3200iso, unless their new image processor was up to the job too.

I for one am not worried about the pixel count, sure it would have been nice to have 8Mpixels, but there really isn't that much difference, useful for croping, but not really much else.

You need to add at least 60% on top ( 10+ MegaPixels), to start to see a worthwhile difference.
It's like moving from a 3MP cam to a 4MP cam, not really a huge step, but 3Mp to 5Mp is very noticeable.

When I bought my KM A2, many people on forums I frequent, claimed that there wasn't any major difference between 6 and 8 MegaPixels. (true)

However, now one mid priced DSlr (20D) has reached 8MP, I find it amusing, that the same people are brow beating any new DSLr with 6 MP????? lol

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating" as they say.
If the 7D is as good as it looks, I'll be very happy. That 2.5" TFT looks huge, the body looks tough and the controls are big, chunky and solid looking

Add to that the reports, that all Minolta 'A' mounts lens work (which is more than any other maker can claim) and this camera may be a lot brighter a flame, than it's spec alone suggests!

Don't be put off by the price either, it will be $1350 list in the States, I'm sure.

I had considered the 20D and D70, but unless the 7D goes against my hopes and is a dog, my next cam will be a tasty 7D.

It will be mine, oh yes!