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Well what do you think of the D7D



I am getting more excited about the 7D, as I realise that to move to (say) a Canon would probably cost me a fair bit more in lenses. I'd need the 17-35mm new lens, to get a decent wide angle - my 24-105mm will do fine for most medium range, and then my 100-300 gets me way further than I ever think I'll need. Plus my extension tubes and remote release...and a few other specific lenses - like my 50mm 2.8 macro - I wonder what the macro size will be - divide by 1.5 maybe?

As for image quality - I know they are at 100 iso, but the two s&les on the 7D web site look pretty good to me. Of course they don't say whether, or how much, subsequent processing has been done, but anyway I've downloaded them and printed them at approx. A4 (or letter) size, and they look great. And anyway on the screen you are limited by the screen res., or in projection by the projector resolution. So its print quality, and rarely do I want to go bigger than A4, and on the basis of these, I'd say an A3 would definitely be possible.

So its enough, and the Antishake is the key differentiator for me.

Now how soon will they deliver, and when will the UK discounters get to work. I'm being told - probably November delivery - but neither Jessops nor Walters are sure of the volumes, so they can't commit anything yet.


I have allso downloaded the two s&les and printed them they look very good. Why is KM so long winded? why they do not let reviews have s&le Pictures I have hung on I am geting fed up having to wait for reviews I have 4 lenses and I want to use them so get a move on. other wise I will go to Canon and foget KM 7D


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Hi Anthony.

I see that DP Review have been given a 7D to preview

There are a few quick snaps on their site already, with a proper gallery promised soon.

I too was considering Canons 20D, if the 7D didn't make the grade.
However, I have come across a growing number of threads, that the camera is having numerous lock ups and other issues.
I'm sure it will be eventually sorted out by firmware upgrades, but it puts me right off buying one.

The more I see of the 7D, the more I want one, but like you, can't undersatnd why KM are being so slow with test cameras.
They are not doing themselves any favours?


Nice to know there are other fed up people. I hace looked at DP s&les 21 in all they look very good some are taken as low as 1/6 of a second they are still sharp.I still want one looks like I will have to wait. I think it will be well into 2005 mybe April with a bit of luck before we will get all the tests and they are in the shops.I think it will end up at about £900.00
here in the UK, but it makes one think how long before they make it an 8millon camra my bet less then six mounths make one think it is not worth all the bother and go to Canon who are allready there


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Hi Anthony.

Have you printed any out yet?

I only manage to get 2 shots downloaded (won't let me download more?)
One of the Jeep at 100iso and the beer glasses at 1600iso.

I've printed both to 15"x11"...........amazing control of noise, excellent colours and excellent image quality

I'm not worried about the extra 2 mp of the Canon, it makes no real difference, IMHO you need a 60% increase in pixels before it's worthwhile.
Also given the lock up issues, I wouldn't consider it anymore.

The other cam I have had some experience with is the Nikon D70.
So far, the test images I have from the 7D are superior, especially at 1600iso. That's more than I'd hoped, I love the D70s results and though KM would be doing well to even equal it!

Now if KM bring out a 10Mp upgrade of the 7D inside 6 months, then I would be miffed.
However, it's guaranteed to happen with any cam you buy, inside a year or 2 anyway.
The point is, the old cam will still produce cool A3 prints with low noise, no matter what new gear comes along

So I will buy an 7D and forget about buying again for at least 2 or 3 years

My local camera shop (R.J.Dicks of Ballymena) tell me they will have a 7D at the end of November

Over the years, I've found RJ's to be pretty accurate about receiving new cams, so perhaps KM will get their skates on, like they did with the 7000 in 1985.......yes I'm that old ;-)


I have had he opportunity to use the D&D that was provided to Steve's Digicams. Here's a link to some test images, etc:
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I will be adding a write up to his posted review by the end of the month.


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My opinion is that Minolta-Konica has priced the 7D out of the market. The company has already come late into the DSLR game; it now offers a model with old technologies (other than the anti-shake feature) and the image quality that it is capable to produce is only comparable to today's entry level digital SLR cameras. However, its price is several hundred US$ higher.

I am very disappointed. I still have 6 Minolta SLR cameras, but do not plan to move into digital soon. Minolta in the past provided its customers quality equipment of good value. But this 7D model is a failure.


Hi Bayard,

I agree. Looking at thze alternatives of Canon and Nikon, it is hard to convince a newcomer to enter into the Minolta digital system.

But I hope that we will see a lower priced Minolta DSLR soon. Otherwise it will be impossible for Minolta to compete in the longterm. Only AntiShake will not attract enough new buyers, if a Nikon D70 or Canon 300D cost half the price.

So I am looking forward to the PMA...


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> Posted by Dirk: So instead of > sending > them around the net, it would be better to talk about Minolta > subjects > here. > A forum can not live from people who only want to read, but never > write something. Think about it...>

Sorry...really didn't want to get anybody in a wad. This is a growing community. It will take a while to reach its potential and provide the kind of KM fellowship and feedback specifically on the 7D that the original poster was looking for. I was not denigrating this forum by providing the link to the 1 forum...not sending him all over the web as you suggested. I don't think that the various forums are in competition with one another. The other forum that I linked to has been around for many years and with the release of the long awaited DSLR, there are many threads about the pros, cons and some solutions of this camera.

Your point is well taken about using this forum but I do not see anything wrong with sharing a link that may enable the OP or others to glean information that may ultimately even be shared here....This is something else that may be thought about.



Hi John,

your point is well taken...


we are in the process (over the next few weeks) to change layout and other things of the forum. We hope that this will please more and more people. I am only disappointed that the photo gallery is not really used by the members. We put money and time into the Minolta forum and gallery and it is strange to see such an excellent photo gallery option and only few members are using it...

I hope that this will change to the better over the time, now Minolta also has a DSLR