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Whale watching


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I have been out twice this week with the whale watch folk. On Monday we saw a cow and calf and then had double breaching (quite rare) and the pair doing it played by the boat for about half an hour. All these were shot with the H2 and 210 lens - it is quite handful in a rocking boat, I can tell you. Yesterday's 1.5m swell was very testing!


Double breach #3 - 100_3738 by Photography by Odille, on Flickr


Finny fun with humpbacks - 100_3741 by Photography by Odille, on Flickr

Then yesterday I went off for another whale watching trip yesterday with a friend from FLickr, (again, and we had 5 whales come in so close to the boat my lens was too long! They went under us several times, it was just fantastic to see these huge creatures - bigger than the boat - carefully coming up next to us. I'm not sure who was watching who! I hadn't seen spy hopping before, they were definitely as curious about us as we were about them. I suspect we may be their entertainment.


spy hop #1-4026 by Photography by Odille, on Flickr


flukes x 3 by Photography by Odille, on Flickr

There are more and larger sizes on my Flickr or at my
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