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What a success

In May I had an accident and may old eos 10D got lost.
Canon just had a promotion cap Money back to celebrate 20th annivercary of something,

As an idiot I got the hook and bought EOS 30D.

I did not get my money back yet but instead Canon annonced 40D.

I feel cheated and I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Canon eccelant c&aing!


There is a war out there! Just see that Canon put recently EOS-1D Mark III, EOS-1Ds Mark III and EOS 40D, and now Nikon "spits in their soup" announcing D3 and D300. Nikons not for sale yet, but just to go to press along with Canon's announcements. Unfortunately, we, as individual users, seem to be too unsignificant in this war. So, we have to take care of ourselves. Actally EOS 40D was rumored about since months, even if Canon never admited anything officially about it until august.2007. I just want to say roadmaps are under heavy security and do not go to public. We just may guess what will happen.
Actually, I am also interested in EOS 40D, but with Nikon's D300 announcements it might happen that EOS 40D will not have a long life. It would not wonder me that Canon might want to put a more powerfull sensor in a successor of EOS 40D if D300 will boost successfull sales. I do believe Canon has the sensor, but who knows what roadmap they have prepared or they will change in this war...
Do not be upset, EOS 30D is anyway a great camera!


Nikon is not spitting in Canon's soup. The new Nikons will be available in November. This is what competition is about. Canon needs competition so they don't slack off and Nikon has finally risen to the task again. I for one welcome it.

And speaking for landscape photographers, when is Canon going to get the mirror lock up function right? EVERYBODY else has, ages ago. Other than that, I look forward to my 1Ds MkIII


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I think it is a shame that the D3 has no sensor cleaning facility. I'm not sure if the new Canon has this but I think it is a serious ommission by Nikon.
There is a large price difference between the Canon and the Nikon but on paper the EOS-1Ds Mark III does look the better camera, as so it should at such a premium price.
Best wishes,


At 12MP, the D3 is really competing with the 1D MkIII, not the 1Ds. That paints a very different picture. I think there may be some differences that may sway you towards one or the other, but that would make the D3 the only FF camera suitable for sports photography at the moment ...


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Yes, I see what you mean. Nikon do emphasize its speed; interesting.
I think that Sony may be the ones to watch next as I believe that they provide the Nikon sensors although apparently Nikon "developed" the FX sensor themselves although I am not sure what that means.


The "war" between Canon and Nikon will go on forever. Why? Because the competition breeds new equipment for them to sell and that what keeps them in business. I worked in a camera store during the late sixtys and into the early eightys when film cameras were the only cameras available. Most manufacturers were creating new models every few years. Those who did not are no longer in business or have lost so much market share they are almost gone or have to merge with other companies to survive. This is true of any type of product - computers for ex&le. You can always wait for the next new model and end up waiting while the rest of us are out shooting pictures.

Since I worked in a store, I had to learn to use all of the products we sold, so I shot with all of the gear available. I can tell you that it really makes no difference which brand you shoot with (as long as you shoot with the major brands) you will get high quality images. Canon and Nikon are the "best" in terms of complete systems, not necessarily the best quality. No one make will ever have all of the features possible because there will be no room to improve the product.


What makes a camera suitable for sports photography? If you are comparing cameras by "BURST" rate or frames per second then perhaps those sports photographers should relegate themselves to shooting video rather than stills since you can get at least 24 fps... WOW! The more pertinent specs that sports photographers require is AF accuracy, ISO 1600 quality and overall Dynamic Range of the sensor. The Canon 1D3 hits it out of the park with dynamic range and high ISO noise but the AF accuracy is a swing and a miss when the ambient temperature rises above 25C or 77F for whatever reason. Check Rob Galbraith's website for further updates on that matter. I'm going to hang back on the $8K 1DS3 until we get some unbiased reports from the sports photography community at large. Until then, the Canon 5D will do just fine.


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I saw your question listed here, and yes the Canon 40D does have a self cleaning sensor. This is taken directly from their website:

"Self Cleaning Sensor Unit - A key element of minimizing dust is preventing it from clinging to the front surface of the imaging sensor. To combat against this, the EOS 40D features a Canon-designed Self Cleaning Sensor Unit. The low-pass filter at the front of the sensor shakes off dust automatically with ultrasonic vibrations, removing dust from the sensor assembly."

So, as you can see, the 40D is even leaps above the 30D which I have. I can't complain though. I've had it for over a year and a half. Awesome camera. So simple, my wife can even use it.



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Thanks James,
I find, after checking, that the EOS-1Ds Mark III has a self cleaning sensor also (EOS Integrated Cleaning System).


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Has anyone any real experience of the EOS Integrated Cleaning System? Canon's adverts make it sound very appealing. I have done a Google search on the subject and some reviewers suggest that it is not all it is cracked up to be. The old time honoured methods to remove dust are still needed. But then again reviewers often try and do things (abuse cameras in the kindest way of course, test to their limits and things) which most users frankly would never try. If it is any good one of the new range is attractive to me since dust is my big bug bear with digital. George