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What about 3rd party lenses for Nikon



Can I discuss 3rd party lenses made for Nikon on this forum? Like Sigma for ex&le?



I'm not one of the bosses here, but I can't see why not. As I see it, Tokina, Kenko, Tamron and even Sigma [G] are all part of the Nikon world.

I have 3 Tokina ATX AF "fast" lenses in amongst the 10 or 12 Nikkors I have.

They are the best AF lenses I have used on MF bodies as they have a clutch you engage to "convert" them from AF to MF and you get a great feel, like a manual lens, when you focus.


...of course...


> Find a venerable MF Kiron 105mm f2.8 Macro, be very very impressed - for very little. 1:1 without extension, built in lens hood and top quality pics, worth searching Ebay for!


I have 5 Tokina and 3 Sigma lenses and have owned others in the past.
the two ATX AF lenses the 28-70 and the 80-200 both f2.8s.
I have owned these for over ten years and they still turn out tack sharp images.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these lenses to anyone on a tight or limited budget.