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What ar the good settings for 8x10 pictures



I'm new in digital cameras. I've just bought a Dimage 7i with 1 GB Microdrive. Please tell me one or two good combinations for 8x10 printed pictures. I've also bought a set of 3 filters: UV, P.L, F-DL. I know what the UV is, but I don't know when to use the other two. Please tell me what the other two are for.

I'd also appreciate all the tips about the 7i, i.e. what TO DO and NOT TO DO. Thanks!


First, go to
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for great tips. As to the proper setting for an 8x10, use the largest file setting, the more information in a file the better the reproduction for an 8x10. Now do you use RAW, TIFF or JPEG for the best results, I'm not sure. Have alot of fun with your 7i, I love mine.


HELP, I am new in the digital scene as well.
First is there someone from the greater cleveland, ohio area that would be willing to take pictures with me. I have lots of questions and looking for a mentor!

Secondly; I take a lot of pics of kids but I don't know how to set the camera to keep it open for multiple shots. I am using the (sports)setting but is there more or is that it? It is just not fast enough.