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What can I do with the DP1 and what to stay away from


New Member
Hi all
Quite new to this forum and to Sigma as well.
Just purchased a second hand DP1, as a supplement to my Olympus E camera.
Started out doing some sunset pictures. Disaster, red burned out flares.
So rule number one, dont shoot directly at the sun.
What other stuff should I avoid?
Is there a list of do and dont with The DP1?


Well-Known Member

The DP1 is can shoot at the sun...just go over your manual and figure out the Manual settings...don't let the camera's auto settings do the shooting...with that type of shot...

Here is a very good website with a lot of information on it...
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Good luck and happy shooting...Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


New Member
Thanks a lot Tony. at least I have found out that using the DP1 first generation takes a lot of patience , before you get the right shot.