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What digital camera for



under £400 has a lense that is equal or better than the resolving power of the chip behind it? is that a silly question? coming from 35mm,i have an afinity for decent lenses,and i cant get my head around cameras that seamingly have 4 million pixels when the lense is only good for half that

or am i wrong?


New Member
>It is partly a silly question as the centre quality of nearly all ca mera's is better than the pixelsize. However, at the corners you will clearl y get some differences and there is my experience that better and more expe nsive camera's have some advantage. If you want to see the differences you can go to
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where you can actually choose all availabl e camera's to get a good revieuw and can download real with that camera made pictures in JPG format 1-2mB which give a very good impression of you r possible prints with that camera. Canon S50 for ex&le is a very good one with 5 million as I can see from this site where as the corner quality of the panasonic LC5 is slightl y better (Leicalens) but unfortunately this camer has 4 million and a c ertain strange pixeleffect as described in his comments. It's a very usefulkl site, good luck. Bernard Ensink


Well-Known Member
Thanks Bernard. That is an interesting site. It gave a very good view and details of the new Sony.