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What is the button to the left of the lens

I don't have my manual and can't remember what the button to the left of the lens (looking at the camera so you see the word Contax). It presses in slightly. Its not the lens removal (other side) nor the DOF preview. I just can't remember what it is.

--jeffrey steinberg, Scarsdale, NY


>[.Jeffrey, I believe it is the exposure check button . Hope this helps. Regards John Chia.]


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Yes, Jeffrey, it is a exposure check button. You can use this button to wake the camera up, and also program it as AE lock in custom function.


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Hello Dear Friends,

I have G2 and RX...I use both systems.
Reading Dirk's comments about N1 lenses, I can not believe, that the quality of N-lenses is better, thean MF discrete lenses. NEVER, NEVER Zoom lenses were better, than discrete...When I see remarks about superior SHARPNESS, I remember loudness in music...In my opinion old AE lenses are much better then MM - more alive, old good tube &lifiers are much better, than novadays "cold" transistors...The matter is not in sharpness, but in "vividness" of the picture.
Do you really believe, that N 85mm is better than AEG 85mm? I can not believe in it....
I'd llike to know your opinion. What do you prefer: AX + MF discrete lenses or N1 + zoom 24-85?

Thanks a lot!