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What is the demand for Hasselblad X5 Scanner


New Member
We have a Hasselblad X5 Scanner and are trying to establish if there's enough demand to warrant putting it to professional use considering the space it would take up and the revenue it would bring in as a rental unit. We're a colour print dark room based in Shoreditch London. Any one got any experience/ideas/ free market research!!!????? Cheers. Sebi


Well-Known Member
First of all you are on dangerous grounds because you are suggesting a commercial purpose.
That is not within the forums rules of use.

I am sure there can be a reasonable revenue from this scanner given the place you are located at.

Pro Center in London offers this service for photographers:

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I hope the moderator is turning a blind eye. :z04_hinterherjagen:



Well-Known Member
Do not worry too much about that.

There is a strong rumour the death penalty will be abolished later this year at this forum. :z04_smileys26:



Well-Known Member
in London you have quite a few competitors.



they normally charge £40 an hour but dunno if they get any customers at all...

maybe a membership kind of scheme might work?

i live around the corner so let me know if you manage to do anything :D