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What is the exact SD14 focal plane location ?


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I know the focal plane position is marked on the camera body, but what is the exact measurement of the focal plane from the front lens seating face of the SA Mount ?

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Hi Stephany,

I can only hope that I got you right?!

If you mean the so called "flange to film distance"??! than it is 44.00mm.
Sometimes it is also called "mount register".

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It defines (in easy words) the distance between the lens mount and the image sensor plane.

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SIGMA SA (exactly like CANON EF) measures 44.00mm.

Although German (no problem to the list!) this is the best list, I can find!

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Hope, I did help you??!

See you with nice pictures



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My thanks to you both.

I needed this information to calculate the design and performance of a Pin Hole lens.


Optically this is true but physically it isn't. The IR filter and microlenses have refractive indexes so the physical distance must be longer than 44mm to compensate.

So if you are making a optical calculation as in a pinhole camera yes the optical distance of 44mm should be used.

But if you are designing a panoramic pan head, then the physical distance should be used, as marked on the camera.


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Edited and deleted my post.

Sorry - I should have read your post a little more thoroughly...