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What is the future of my manual lenses


With Yashica out of the SLR biz and Kyocera apparently slowly elimnating the Contax line what do I do when my aging bodies quit? I got into Contax solely for the lenses and dont want to lose them if Kyocera pulls the plug.


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Get yourself a CY to Canon adapter from Cameraquest.
They are very well made, and although you only get stop down metering, will allow you to keep using your favourite lenses.
I'm currently using my zeiss on a Canon 20D with excellent results.


Or, buy a whole bunch of used - in excellent condition Contax and Yashica cameras. I was lucky enough to purchase the Contax S2 and I think it will last for many many years. If it does break (God forbid), I can always have it fixed by some repair person since the electronics are at a bare minimum with the S2. Prices are comming down on most film related items,i.e. a couple of years ago you would have been hard put to get a Contax 167 for under $300. and now I see many for under $200.


thanks for some great ideas.. sounds like no ones too wildly optimistic about Kyocera and the future of Contax.. they just gotta turn a buck.