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What scanner 2 buy


I'm back into MF and now I see that because I'm addicted to computers I must have a way to post my 2X2 shots. I'm semi-pro... shoot Digital in 35mm-format and MF with a Hassie 503CX. I am used to good quality and functionality and usually buy on those points more often than not. Epson seems to have some really fine stuff but Canon and Nikon brag a bit too. Any suggestions from ownership perspectives? I'm interested in seeing what you folks rely on that is reliable, repeatable and doesn't take a business loan to own..:)


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Epson 700 or 750 is the thing to go for.
The Epson offers more than decent quality and is affordable.
The Nikon 9000 is better at three times the price of an Epson.
The 9000 can even be improved if you are prepared to install different software. That is quite a job though.
At the far end of the scale there are Hasselblad scanners starting at about 12.000 USD.
Absolute top are drum scanners.
They need a garage to store them and a new mortgage to finance.

Several forum users have the Epson scanner and are happy with results.
Silver Fast software in addition to the Epson is very helpfull.
Some Epson scanners are supplied with this software as a package.
This depends on the country you buy the scanner.


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As Paul said, for a reasonable price, the Epson V750 Pro with Silverfast Ai v6 software included (at least, here in the USA) is hard to beat. Works well for me! I use it for 6x6cm up to 4x5in film.

Funny, I just realized that for some weird reason, I'm always mixing my units of measurement. I never speak in terms of 2.25x2.25 inch format's always 6x6 or 6x7. But for sheet film, I still think in 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 inches. Never really thought of that before......