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What scanner do i need with 6x6 neg?


I just recently returned to photographing in 2.25 with my Hassy 503CX. I have been reviewing comments on sites and forums with regard to the scanners used for producing digital images from the negatives. I am interested in knowing what you folks have learned from scanning 2 1/4 format negatives and the results you have achieved. Is it worth the investment in a High-End scanner? Suggestions & Comments are most welcome.




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As with any equipment you get what you pay for.

A decent scanner to start with can be found for around 700 euro/dollar.

An improvement in IQ, also with more options, is the Nikon Coolscan range at about three times that price.
I heard a rumor Nikon is about to or has already stopped production of the Coolscan. Even if this is true there is always a vivid market for used scanners.

Top of the line are Hasselblad scanners formerly known as Imacon.
These scanners are also top priced at over 20 times the price for a decent scanner that allows you to start scanning.


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There exists a thread , where I reported my first experience with that scanner .



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I'm actually really scared that Nikon will discontinue the 9000ED. I've been saving for one for ages! B&H are always out of stock and the wait list seems to never clear.

Just out of curiosity, how do the 9000ED scans compare to the "entry" Flextight Hasselblad scanner? I've hear the Blad scanner absolutely eats everything alive and quality is fantastic.

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Hi Sil, I just saw your post here. I have a 503cx as well and I have an Epson V700. Like Paul said, you can get scanners like this for a very reasonable price. It costs about $750AU here. I have attached a few samples. I probably don't use this scanner properly but hey I am more than pleased and still learning. I can send my negs to a pro and the results are much better. Hope this helps a bit.

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Great shots and well scanned Matt!

For internet purposes and not too large prints the Epson V 700 or the V750 will do just fine.

For those who occasoinaly want to catch all detail from their films the option of a professional high IQ scan may be of interest.