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What to buy SD10 or SD14?


New Member
Hi All!

I want to buy Sigma camera and I'm planning to use old M42 lenses.

I decided to compare SD10 and SD14 and for me thier technical specifications are almost the same. Of course SD14 has more megapixes and SD10 has 1/6000 shutter speed. As for me I don't care about megapixels.

Because my budget is small now I'm thinking whether to buy SD10. I saw the pictures taken with SD10 and it is good and I understand that most of the things depend on photographer.

Now I'm asking for advice on what to buy. May be I missed something in my comparison and SD10 will bring me a lot of headackes or whatever...

In my view the plus of SD10 is AA bataries.

I hope to see your answers and advices. Thank you.


I think a SD10 is a good camera to start with.
As said you plan to use M42 lenses,so you go manually.
Everything you can do with the SD14,you can do with the SD10 as well.
Some M42 lenses are quite heavy,so the SD10 gives a good balance.

Guest .

Hi Artemp,

I would support Uwe.

If you can purchase an SD10 at a good price ... go for it! It is a fine camera, too. It should be difficult to see differences between a good SD10 shot in comparism to a good SD14 shot.

Pixel counts have lost a great deal of importance, since all the cameras have very good resolutions. In most cases it is the lens or the photographer's ability that marks the limit.

See you with nice pictures



New Member
Many thanks for your answers!
You have completely cleared my doubts. I will go for SD10 then.