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What was the main difference in the 4bs


I recently purchased a OM4 and was wondering what was the main difference with it and the 'T' model?
Short of the chassis and that the 'plain-Jane' 4 production was something like 4 yrs or there abouts, was there any great innovations with the 'T'.
Also, what was the main difference between the 3's and the 4's.
Ed Brown -


Well-Known Member
The primary difference between the 4 and the 4Ti is the flash - the Ti supports high-speed fill flash using the SuperFP mode of the F280 flash unit. The 4 supports only standard 1/60 second TTL flash. In addition, the Ti has a titanium top plate (that does not hold paint nearly as well as the 4).

The primary difference between the 3 and the 4 is that the 3 is purely manual, having a fully mechanical shutter, whereas the 4 has an electronic shutter and supports a sophisticated automated exposure mode (off the film aperture priority). Both support multi-spot metering, but the 3 uses it only to suggest the light readings, whereas the 4 can use it for automated shutter speed selection. The 3 can operate at all shutter speeds with no battery, but the 4 needs a battery for the shutter (except for a default 1/60 speed that works with no battery).

I recommend having one of each on hand :)

- marc


Thank-you for the information. It was hughly appreciated. Marc, you are correct - Having one of each on hand, would be great
, but I have to think 'economics'...
Oh drat -
I am looking and will continue to look for a 3 (I think), since it would be an 'up-grade' for my old 2N. And more then likely, will continue to keep an eye-out for a 4Ti. (I actually passed on 2...One the mirror didn't lock-up and the other has a 'bad board')
I have noticed that OM3's are far and between. There however seems to be more 4's and 4Ti's available then the 3's, was this because Olympus made more 4's then the 3's or is it a reliablity issue? (Just wondering)
Ed -


Well-Known Member
Yes, OM 3 cameras are hard to find. I have always assumed that it was a combination of things, primarily that OM 4 sales were dramatically higher than OM 3 sales, and also that OM 3 buyers were more inclined to hold their camera. Basically, the OM 3 was the same price or higher than the OM 4 and had fewer features, so it was specialized for a subset of the total market. I had an OM 3 and an OM 3Ti and I loved them! They seem to hold their value really well too. I do not think the OM 3 is less reliable than the OM 4 - I'd guess it is even MORE reliable, being all mechanical. I have never heard of am OM 3 failing anyone!

Personally, I think the OM 4 is the best bargain in the OM stable - next up is the OM 2s. Then again, a good OM 1 can be had for $100 USD and that camera is fantastic! Still, the OM 4 has just the right balance of features and control - and the prices in the used market are so low if you don't mind some superficial cosmetic wear.

Cheers! - marc